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Team_eR, otherwise known as [eR]
is a paintball team formed in 23.10.2010.

We are gathering together people who share the same interests in the gaming environment. We are a PC gaming clan and our focus is to get together as one and share an experience while having a laugh at the same time.

[only European players]



All our members must follow next rules:
- fair play
- respect your opponent
- respect the diversity
- support the game

Chat programs required
- skype
- windows live messenger


[We search for new members]


About the game

Digital Paint: Paintball 2 is free shooting game and represents simulation of famous game paintball. Paintball2 is FPS game based on legendary game of this genre ''Quake''.
You can this game alone versus computer but the real pleasure is playing against your friends and other players through local network or internet.
There are few game modes: Capture the flag, King of the hill, Siege, Elimination, Deathmatch and Pong.











Digital Paint Paintball 2 can guarantee you good fun, and it has one obvious advantage over the real paintball, nothing hurt's you when opponent's ball hit you :-))




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